Thursday, September 24, 2009

I watch penny auctions !

Hello ibidderz,
I am struck in recent past in internet for one thing which took allmost all my free time and I kinda got addicted to it. Do you know what? "Penny Auction Websites".

First let me tell you what is penny auctions website in a line.
websites who charges money for each bid you place.

These websites are buzzing around internet on every other day one penny auction website pops up and some goes off. Thanks to swoopo who made this possible!

From now on am going to write more about all the penny auction websites hovering around. I will try to explore all the information about penny websites and will provide honest feedback.Of course, I got scammed by couple of penny auction websites, that is why born.

This blog will be going to be a check point for all the bidders who want to explore penny auctions.
Happy Reading !
Feel free to post your comments.


Note:- ibidderz - people who follow penny auction websites closely and talk about them and infact trying out to win items as well.

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