Friday, October 2, 2009

BidMuseum on it's way to Museum ???

Hello ibidderz,
This is one of the recent website which joined to penny auction world.It claims to be coming from India and I think this is the first of its kind from India.I know Indians are good at programming but they failed to do one thing in making shill bidders as real people.

The very first thing to judge a penny website is genuine or scam is just to watch them for a while.
Control your emotions, the any new website I see, I just buy bids without knowing any background info like where they are from, do they have any proper reviews,do they have any believable testimonials,etc,.
This the basic lesson I've learnt over months.I ask all the ibidderz to do the same, watch few auctions and see the trend.

Here you go, few snapshots for your view, taken over period of time.Let me guess you will figure out what those series of picture says....


If you have trouble in viewing the snap, check out here.
Uh, wondering what the heck these snapshot says? If you are genius you can figure out.
Ok, Atleast I will tell you..If you see all the snapshots irrespective of time(I watched closely a week :-) )all the bidders will start bidding on running auction at last minute and no one will bid in rest of the other auctions which might end in next half an hour or so.

Isn't this looks fishy to you, If they(Bid Museum) claim they have pool of people to start bidding and no shill bidders involved, How not even a single guy bid on other auctions which supposed to finish few hours later?
Probably they might twike the program to bid randomly or place some bids on other auctions also at random time after seeing my post.

But no one can hide the truth, ibidderz you take a call to throw your money on bidmuseum.

 place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed.

May be they had the right name !

Happy reading !
Feel free to post your comments.

Note:- ibidderz - people who follow penny auction websites closely and talk about them and infact trying out to win items as well.

All Rights reserved.
Disclaimer:- Author is expressing his views.Decision making is your part.Think and Act.
*Bidding can become addictive, Be careful !


  1. I have won a Kingston Data Traveler 100 (DT100-8GB) ( I am waiting for the delivery. If I get one, I will report it here. I found few things slightly fishy here -
    1) If you go to the link provided and see the last two bids before the winning bid, you will find that it belongs to the same user - "onosell". I had written to them and they came up with reply that a lot of users bid in the last minute and their script is such that if they place bid twice, it accepts it. I thought may be that's just a script fault. But at least, they have a customer service!

    2) If you look at the same auction, there are two users - onosell and onorbitpr. That again looked fishy to me. First of all, they have can have any names in the world, inspite they chose such weird names and then the "coincidence" is that both their names starts with "ono" and they are bidding on the same auction. May be they just want to increase the price of the product! Who knows!

    I have tried a lot of such penny auction sites. The only one which I found to be good is

    I found something fishy about the following sites - (In my view, they are doing total scam, please be away)


  2. The penny auction website is really nice. India will get some good websites like this to improve the youngsters. thank you.

  3. This article is really impressive and the points which are indicating (Bidding can become addictive, Be careful) by the auther is true according to me

  4. Congrats Sandeep on your win ! Hope you have not lost more money on winning this auction but am sure they are shill your comments here once you receive your data traveller!