Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giftcardbidz is scam ???? **BEWARE**

Hello ibidderz,

Giftcardbidz another feather to existing scam penny auction websites.
I've watched this website for last 3 weeks and they seems to be taking more loss by auctioning giftcard and all goes for pennies!

Here is my fact about the website.

1. Check out the number of auctions they run in a day and see how many bidders bid at any given point of time.You will see less than 3 bidders.

2. One bidder will be a autobidder who is virtual and works for website and another one is the website owner and third guy might be the poor one like you and me.

3. No company will take such a huge loss, but still they are doing great, I see many websites goes down in very few days but these guys are really great.They have enough money to throw away.

4. Check out the sanpshots in picasa and go through the caption, you can make a clear on their legitimacy.

5. First bug with the website is you will be bidding against yourself in many occasion.This bug was reported in the first auction they ran and still existing in latest auction. If all the bidders are real people by now everyone should have given complaint but all bidders have good heart to still through their money for them.

6.Another joke is you can't pay for the won item, You should fill in all the details and amount to be paid as well.

7.The website freezes almost daily and proof of that is given in youtube.

8. During night time you will be bidding against autobidder and he will be placing 100 bids to win 50 freebids.I think those autobidder loves to win.

9.Their automatic bidder is another crap.It will not let you to set current bid amount to start bid, so you will end up adding 1 cent and you will set your autobidder. But the autobidder will kick in only it passes start bid value. Confusing ?
Let see an example. Now we will assume the running auction is at $0.50. you will have 3 boxes to set autobidder.Start bid, stop bid and no. of bids.
In start bid column the website will not let you to fill $0.50 rather you need to mention $0.51.Once you setup all those columns.Your autobidder will not kick in until it goes to $0.52. To reach $0.52 you will end up bidding single bid and then your autobidder will kick in. Is this the way bidbutler works in all penny auction websites?

10.Funny thing is the website owner himself will bid under different name against you and no same bidder will bid in other auctions.I think he has dilemma about his name I believe.

11.But apart from all there are some real bidders as well but mostly on the loosing side.Don't ask me why they hav't not informed the customer care about this problems. All you get is no reply or few free bids if you prove you've bidding against yourself.

I've uploaded photos in picasa and videos to youtube for detailed analysis.
I've given enough facts and it's your call to decide whether they are legit or SCAM.

BEWARE:- ibidderz, you might win some auctions but at the end of the day you will be fooling yourself  by bidding against computer scripts !
Few more websites are already their under Iwatcher Radar...See them soon here !!!

Happy reading !

Feel free to post your comments.


Note:- ibidderz - people who follow penny auction websites closely and talk about them and infact trying out to win items as well.

All Rights reserved.

Disclaimer:- Author is expressing his views.Decision making is your part.Think and Act.

*Bidding can become addictive, Be careful !


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