Friday, October 9, 2009 has all the facts to be deemed as SCAM !!!

Hello Ibidderz, as per, they have less than 125 page views per day, But they run around 20 auctions per day round the clock and almost till today, the website shows more than 1400 auctions ended. My doubt is when the are running very low in page view, how will they able to manage to run the website and pay for their employees and office rent etc.,?

Does the owner of website has enough money to throw away or just another scamming website?

Atleast to my thought, bidding against ourself is also a scam, you are losing bids just because you pressed bid button twice, no sometimes even more than that. I thought it might happen during peak time but honestly it is not.

So does this glitch is happening in recent past ? The answer is definetely NO.

Here is the screenshot of first auction.( Bidder jessica bidding against her )

This screenshot is of recent auction while I am writing this blog....You can figure out the date !
( Bidder bubbasue bidding against her/him)

Ibidderz, you decide to either spend your valuable time and money with them or not !

Happy reading !
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Note:- ibidderz - people who follow penny auction websites closely and talk about them and infact trying out to win items as well.

All Rights reserved.

Disclaimer:- Author is expressing his views.Decision making is your part.Think and Act.
*Bidding can become addictive, Be careful !


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